I started stamp collecting as a boy.
As a geology student in the nineteen eighties, I started collecting prehistoric animals on stamps.
In those days, this was both difficult and easy.
Easy, because there were only a few hundreds of stamps with fossils or prehistoric life forms, and the number of new issues was quite manageable.
Difficult, because stamp dealers would say 'WHAT do you want?' when asked for prehistoric life on stamps, and would then tell you to search the 'animals' album.
Things have changed a lot since then. My collection has grown to literally thousands of stamps, the number of new issues has risen dramatically (and expensively), and prehistory has become a well-known topic.
Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park' has had a lot to do with those changes, but prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs, have always interested people.
In the almost overwhelming flood of stamps, I noticed errors, and I noticed illustrations that were familiar to me, from books. I had already been catalogueing my stamps for years, I started added information on errors, and on the sources of illustrations.
Finally, I decided to present all this information to all those that are interested.
This site is the result. I enjoyed creating it, and hope that you will enjoy it, and find it useful. If you do (or do not), you may want to let me know.
In that case E-mail me.
Ton van Eijden
Last updated: September 13, 2020
Tanystrophaeus skeleton
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