This section lists prehistoric species depicted on stamps, meter frankings, postal cancels, and F.D.C's.
Included are those species identified (or misidentified, in all too many cases) on stamps, and those that can easily be identified, for instance because they are recognizable, or are identified on the source artwork published elsewhere.


Taxonomy is, of course, a science. At the same time it is also, regrettably, to a certain extent a matter of opinion. Thus, different taxonomies are used or proposed in different text books. For vertebrates, I have mainly used R. L. Carroll's Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution (Freeman, 1988).
New fossil finds regularly result in new taxonomies. This is very much so for the taxonomy of large terrestrial vertebrates (such as dinosaurs), for which well preserved, complete skeletons are rare. Therefore, presenting an up-to-date and consistent taxonomy for the dinosaurs is impossible.
Another problem is that some well-known groups have no taxonomical basis. Fishes are a good example of this. For most of us, any gill-breathing, legless vertebrate is a fish, but not so to taxonomists.
And for many years, taxonomists have not considered dinosaurs a taxonomically sensible group, subdividing them into the orders Saurischia and Ornithischia. Only recently the idea that the dinosaurs do constitute a taxonomically valid unit had gained ground.
Regrettably, I do not have easy access to text books on plant and invertebrate taxonomy, which results in many missing data.


This part of the site represents a lot of work, both in data aquisition, and in checking. In spite of this, I am sure that errors have crept in, because every now and then I find some. Should you discover some more, or are you able to help with additional data, please let me know.

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