Although my collection is fairly good (I think), there are items on my want list. Some have been there for years, in fact. Below are the most important ones. If you can help me with these, I would be very happy.
Should you know about issues, cancels, and meter frankings not listed here, please let me know.
What I am also interested in is postally used specimens, especially from more unusual countries.
I do not yet have the Scott and the Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers for every issue and would be grateful when you can supply missing information.
However much I have tried, this site is unlikely to be perfect. Have you noticed any errors, or can you help me with information still missing, please let me know. Comments and reactions on the site itself are also welcome.
Ton van Eijden
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Benin 'Brontosaurus'

Many Benin stamps have been overprinted. I have seen illustrations of an overprint '130 Fr.' on this stamp, but have never actually seen the real thing. According to one source, an overprint also exists on the other value of this set. I have not been able to find them in the catalogues, so they may be bogus.

    Sinclair meter franking
    Sinclair meter franking
    The U.S. oil company Sinclair used their dinosaur logo in their meter frankings from the nineteen thirties until (at least) the nineteen sixties. They have been used in several cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York), colours (green, blue, purple, red), types (large sauropod (top), small sauropod (bottom), straight tail sauropod (not shown), and texts ('PENNSYLVANIA' vs.'OPALINE').

In the nineteen fifties, 'Dino the Sinclair Dinosaur' urged people to 'Drive with care and buy Sinclair'.
A special meter franking has been used, advertising the presence of the Sinclair company on the New York World Fair, in Atlanta, Chicago, and Independence, in 1964.
The Sinclair Company had offices outside the U.S.A. as well, I am aware of a meter from Caracas, Venezuela, two different meters from Brussels, Belgium, and two slightly different meters from Genova, Italy.
Sinclair Venezuela meter
Belgian Sinclair meter
Sinclair meter belgium
Sinclair meter italy
Sinclair meter Italy
Cancels and precancels from Fossil, Oregon, U.S.A
The little town of Fossil has had a post office since the late 19-th century, and I would be thrilled to have a card or cover with an early cancel in my collection.
As in most of the towns in the U.S.A, precancels were used in Fossil in the nineteen thirties. Shown at right is a locally overprinted example.
Precancel Fossil, Ore
According to Michael Hynes from the Precancel Stamp Society, there are two issues that I do not have in my collection yet.


Type 729, issued in 1933.


Type 841, issued in 1939.